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January’s Program and Debate Topics

So the January Program has been sent around, and as usual it looks to be a fun-filled month.

This months debate topics are:

January 8th We are going backwards by becoming technology dependant
January 15th Gender quotas should be introduced in the Dáil
January 22nd As a society we need to learn how to demonstrate
January 29th The Government should abolish funding for the arts

I’m looking forward to it already!

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Toastmasters District

Toastmasters Clubs are organised into groups of four or five called areas, areas are organised into divisions and divisions are organised into districts. Hellfire is part of District 71, Division M, Area 18.

District 71 covers Britain and Ireland and represents 7,500 toastmasters.

Division M includes Dublin and Wicklow, and has four areas each with four clubs.

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Hellfire is part of Area 18, which includes

  • Hellfire, Open to all
  • AIB, Open to AIB staff
  • Engineers, Open to all
  • PowerTalk, Open to all

And there are a range of other Toastmaster clubs nearby, including:


How to Debate

If you’re interested in Debating regularly, Hellfire is the club for you. At Hellfire we have a debate every week. They’re a great opportunity to practice arguing a point, speaking off the cuff from the floor and from the podium, and to think about issues you never normally think about.

The four keys to the art of debating are:

  1. Passion: Nothing wins a debate like passionately believing in your side of the argument. Let that passion show through in your voice, in your stance and in your gestures.
  2. Preparation: Know your argument and almost as important, know what your opponent is likely to argue. Arm yourself with responses to answers and not only will your arguments hold together and be more convincing, knowing that you’re well prepared will give you the confidence to relax.
  3. Poise: Even if your opponent is right, they don’t have time to double check. Have the confidence to act like you’re right and you will win.
  4. Performance: Then bring it all together on the day!

The most important thing at Hellfire is to have fun, with the topic, with your opponent and with the audience. Take the opportunity to try out new techniques, speak quietly, loudly, in front of the podium, use an anecdote. Hellfire provides a safe space to practice and a safe space to fail, so that when you go out and argue in the real world, you’re fully prepared to succeed.

What is Toastmasters?

Public Speaker at Hellfire Toastmasters

Speaking at a Meeting

Toastmasters is an international non-profit organisation dedicated to help people improve public speaking skills and master leadership skills. Every member joins a locally based club (like Hellfire) and the club offers support, feedback and guidance when you give a speech or take on a leadership challenge.

So how do people usually join the Hellfire Toastmasters Club, and what happens once they do?

New members usually start by attending one or two meetings as a guest. To attend as a guest, just show up at one of our Tuesday meetings, in the D4 hotel Ballsbridge, and say hello. Attending as a guest is completely free, and you can attend as a guest for a few meetings while you decide whether or not you want to join. You will be invited to speak, but you don’t have to.

Once you decide to take the plunge and join, you pay your membership fees, and the Vice President for Education will put you on the meeting program to speak. Your first speech is known as an icebreaker, and is a chance to simply tell us all about yourself in four to six minutes.

In the mean time, toastmasters international will send you out your first two manuals – the competent communicators manual and the leadership manual. The competent communicators manual has a program of ten speeches to follow, each one building up your skills and abilities until by the time you reach speech ten you are a confident and accomplished speaker. The leadership manual builds up your roles and responsibilities within the meetings and the club. It focuses on skills like organising and chairing meetings.

Generally you will be on the meeting program once or twice a month, giving speeches, debating,  and as you progress evaluating, carrying out topicsmaster and toastmaster duties. Whether you’re on the program or not, you will always be given the opportunity to speak at every meeting.

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Meeting Location

Now that you’ve decided to attend the next Hellfire Toastmasters meeting, all you need to know is when and where . . .

Hellfire Toastmasters meets every Tuesday in the Ballsbridge Hotel, Pembroke Road Dublin 4. Arrive at 7.45pm for an 8pm start. Meetings finish (before) 10.30pm. There’ll be a sign telling you where to go in reception, but we’re nearly always in the Mezzanine Room.

Guests are always welcome, and there’s no charge.

  • When: Every Tuesday, 7.45pm for 8pm
  • Where: D4 Hotel, Pembroke Road, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4

Getting here:

  • Drive and park on Pembroke Rd or Landsdowne Rd, free weekday evenings.
  • DART to Landsdowne Road and walk ten minutes
  • Buses that stop in front of the hotel include the 4, 7, 7A, 8, 18 and 120
  • Walk or Cycle in less than 15 minutes walk from Merrion Square (North)

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Toastmaster's Summer Outing

The Summer Outing!

Our regular meeting slot is:

  • Every Tuesday at 8pm
  • D4 Hotel, Ballsbridge

Click here for full details.


We take a short break over Christmas and a longer break over the summer. We’ve just had our Christmas Party, our 50th Anniversary Party and our annual walk to the Hellfire Club. On the other hand our members will be competing in the next round of the international speech competition in the Engineers Toastmasters club on the 26th March and we haven’t set a date for the summer outing yet.

Keep an eye out for our special events and outings throughout the year.

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The calendar below has details of all our meetings and activities: