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Toastmastering Season Begins!

Autumn is here, well it has been here for the past 30 days but thankfully the weather has helped us live in denial for just a little bit longer. Of course with Autumn comes a next term of “toastmastering”. On the 16th of September we will restart our Toastmaster sessions in Hellfire. We’ll have 3 or 4 speeches, a debate and table topics. Guests are very welcome to come and don’t worry you don’t have to contribute anything at your first meeting unless you’d like to of course. There is no charge for attending as a guest.


So to recap…. September 16th (Tuesday) at 7.45pm in the Ballsbridge Hotel (D4 Hotel). Email me (Eric) at if you have any further questions.

Advanced Manuals

When you have finished your competent communicators manual and your leadership manual, you can progress to a whole range of other manuals which specialise in specific areas.

These are divided into two tracks – the communications track and the leadership track.

The Communication Program includes manuals on:

  • Storytelling
  • Technical Presentations
  • Public Relations
  • The Entertaining Speaker
and many more.


The Leadership Program has a smaller range but includes manuals on high performance leadership and guiding committees.