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Toastmastering Season Begins!

Autumn is here, well it has been here for the past 30 days but thankfully the weather has helped us live in denial for just a little bit longer. Of course with Autumn comes a next term of “toastmastering”. On the 16th of September we will restart our Toastmaster sessions in Hellfire. We’ll have 3 or 4 speeches, a debate and table topics. Guests are very welcome to come and don’t worry you don’t have to contribute anything at your first meeting unless you’d like to of course. There is no charge for attending as a guest.


So to recap…. September 16th (Tuesday) at 7.45pm in the Ballsbridge Hotel (D4 Hotel). Email me (Eric) at if you have any further questions.

Hellfire Review 29-10-2013

Should psychics and mediums be banned? Hellfire Toastmasters voted no.

We had a Halloween theme for our meeting tonight, with some speeches and the topics on this theme.  Pat, our President, began the evening at the disputed time of 7 59 (he said it was that time, others said it was 8 02), and welcomed everyone, and especially the guests on the night.  He had one message which was the Christmas Party in December.  Barry was Toastmaster for the night, and he began with a story about fear given that it was two days before Halloween.  David was Sargent At Arms and Eric was timer and they gave a quick explanation of their roles, before we heard the speeches.

Shauna gave the first speech of the night, which was her Ice-Breaker.  This speech gives new members a chance to speak before an audience for the first time, and discover speaking skills they already have.  Shauna spoke about herself, coming from Monaghan but having spent a few years in Australia when she was younger.  It was quite a humorous speech, telling us about how she spent a long time in education to become an actuary and how her boyfriend gradually moved in with her.  Finally Shauna told us that she joined Toastmasters to beat her fear of public speaking.

The second speech of the night was given by David, a Stage 3 speech titled “Wind energy in Ireland.”  The third speech in the manual asks speakers to Get to the Point and for the speech to have a purpose.  The speech’s subject stems from when David saw signs protesting against wind energy coming to Ireland while driving through the midlands. David did some research on the matter and gave a lot of statistics during his speech – there are 180 wind farms in Ireland, but only one off shore farm on the east coast.  The industry is highly subsidised, and David had reservations about how sustainable they are, given that wind only produces about 30% of its possibly energy.  David had more questions than answers in his speech, and ended by asking the audience whether wind energy is sustainable in Ireland and whether people would like a windmill in their back garden.

Third speaker on the night was Dennis, giving off stage speech entitled “A Night to Remember”.  He began by saying that as a scientist, he is usually sceptical about things that cannot be proven, and, for example, didn’t worry about moving into House No. 13.  An elderly couple lived beside Dennis and over the years they became friends.  Both the man and the woman died within a short period of each other but on the night of the woman’s death, Dennis heard a loud, screechy noise.  He thought it was a cat, but changed his mind, and then he thought it was a baby crying.  The next morning when he heard that the woman died, he tried to figure out what the noise was as he decided it couldn’t have been a cat or a baby.  Dennis, the sceptical scientist, believes it was a banshee.  It was a suitably eerie story for the night that’s in it.

The motion for the debate was that “psychics and mediums should be banned”, proposed by Richard and opposed by Brian.  Richard spoke about how psychics and mediums aren’t able to scientifically prove their abilities, and how it is wrong to take money off people without giving them a service in return.  Brian spoke about how psychics and mediums can give some solace to people and that banning won’t work.  After numerous contributions from the floor and summations by both speakers, a vote was taken and the motion was defeated.  We then took a break for tea and biscuits.

Mandy, dressed in black and wearing a witch’s hat was Topicsmaster and all of her topics had Halloween involved in them.  The topics included whether Halloween celebrations were becoming like Christmas, what people think of witches, where a person would go if they had a broomstick, trick-or-treating, whether we should have bonfires, memories of Halloween in youth, should fireworks be banned, favourite costumes for Halloween, what food is associated with Halloween, what does a person think of Halloween.  Following the topics, we had the evaluations part of the evening.

Myra evaluated Shauna, talking about how competent and confident she was, how the topics in her speech was very appropriate and something the audience was able to relate to.  Her only suggestion was to speak louder and project her voice.  Jim evaluated David, liking the structure, and getting to the point quickly.  The topic had made him think about the issue in a way he had never done so before.  Ger evaluated Dennis, liked the hand gestures, pace, how it was a great story telling.  His suggestion was to stop using “em” as much.

General evaluation was John H, full of compliments for both Barry and Pat at the beginning of the meeting, and really enjoyed the interaction during the debate and the topics session.  Really liked the speeches, and the evaluations, how they pointed out the good and the bad points of the speech.  He then handed control of the meeting back to Barry and Pat and the meeting closed soon after that.

Best Contributor                                                    David

Best Evaluator                                                      Ger

Best Topic Response                                             Mike (a guest)

Hellfire Meeting Review 22-9-13

Should we become vegetarians? Hellfire Toastmasters said yes.

Our meeting began as usual with Pat, our President, welcoming everyone, especially the guests, and informing everybody of the upcoming Christmas Party to be held early in December.  He then handed control of the meeting over to Dennis as Toastmaster for the evening.  He quickly ran through the program and after an explanation of the timing by Timer for the evening Mike and Barry, standing in as Sargent at Arms, telling us the exits and to turn of our phones, the first speech of the evening was given.

The first speaker was Mandy, an experienced Toastmaster who has held numerous roles within the club such as President and within the wider Toastmaster structure, such as Area Governor.  Mandy gave a PowerPoint Presentation to explain the Leadership Manual which is all too often forgotten by members, explaining each Stage of it and what a person would have to do to progress to the next stage.  She did this by using an example of one of the Stages and finished with the benefits for both the club and the person the manual provides.  The second speaker was Robert, a new member, who gave his Ice-Breaker speech.  He spoke about his up-bringing in Kerry and how sport played a huge part in his life, and many humorous stories of his time being educated in Glenstal Abbey.

The third and fourth speeches were both Stage 3 speeches, asking the speakers to “Get to the Point” in their speeches.  Kayleigh gave a speech on employment law in Ireland, something she has an expertise in given she works in the area.  She explained how new policies and legislation shortened the appeals process and that numerous courts were being merged into a two-tiered system.  Lisa delivered the final speech, and spoke about how a number of people have begun to use surfing and cooking as a way of integrating people in the Gaza Strip and bringing the Israeli and Palestinian people together.  She even included a quick Hummus recipe for us all!

Following the speeches was the debate on the motion “That we should become vegetarians,” with John O proposing and Jim opposing.  John spoke about how the world would need to produce 70% more food to feed the world’s population by 2025 and growing food for vegetarians requires less inputs.  Jim, in opposition, spoke about the need for meat for a healthy diet, especially for children growing up.  After numerous contributions from the floor and summary speeches by the debaters, a vote was taken and the motion was narrowly carried, by 11 votes to 10.  We then had our break for tea.

We resumed with our Topics session and Noel took control of the meeting, asking people about who the best person is to replace Giovanni Trappatoni, exercise making people happy, nicknames for cars, love conquering all things, among others.  They were all very well interesting and a nice mix of different subjects.

It was then time for the Evaluations.  Michael evaluated the first speaker Mandy, and was very complimentary of her speech, mentioning how prepared she was and the speech was well delivered.  He particularly liked how she gave a hand out to everybody about the Leadership Manual.  The second evaluator was Sinead who spoke about Robert’s Ice-Breaker.  She liked how he grabbed the audience’s attention at the start, had a good structure, was confident and had quite a lot of humour in the speech.  She suggested he used some hand gestures, though recognised that this would come in time.

The third evaluator was John H who evaluated Kayleigh’s speech.  He thought it was a very relevant topic for the speech that had lots of material that needed to be organised and she used good linking words and phrases.  He suggested that she might perhaps have been better to use a PowerPoint Presentation for this speech.  The final evaluation was for Lisa by Rose.  She liked how Lisa was very confident and spoke about a very interesting topic for her speech.  She suggested having a better structure, and to speak a little slower but louder.

It was finally left to Martin as General Evaluator to speak about his thoughts for the meeting as a whole and it was largely positive.  He learned a lot from the speeches and thought the debate was very interesting.  He had a couple of suggestions for the evaluators themselves, but thought they did a wonderful job though.  The meeting was then handed back to Dennis and Pat and after a few thank yous, the meeting finished and everyone left for home.

Best Contributor                                  Mandy

Best Evaluator                                    John H

Best Topic Response                            Colette

Hellfire Toastmasters 15/9/2013

Should performance enhancing drugs be allowed in professional sports? Hellfire Toastmasters said no

Back after a weird and wonderful trip to the Engineers Club for the Area Contest of the Humourous Speech and Table Topics Competition (what do you mean you didn’t get it?), Hellfire Toastmasters returned to our usual haunt of the Ballsbridge Hotel, with our members competition for spaces with the football fans travelling to the Aviva for Ireland’s match.  This resulted in the meeting starting a little later than usual but it didn’t deter us for too long.  Our President Pat opened the meeting with aplomb and after a few words from our Timer Kayleigh, and Sergeant-At-Arms David, handed the reigns over to Sinéad who was standing in as Toastmaster.  Sinéad gave a quick overview of the meeting and welcomed the nine guests, yes nine, for the evening.  She then introduced the first speaker for the evening.

Marlene was giving a Stage 9 speech, the objective of which is to Persuade with Power.  With this particular speech a speaker can either attempt to persuade people to take a certain action or adopt a certain viewpoint.  Marlene’s speech attempted the former, and succeed she did.  Asking us to manage our energy, not our time, Marlene spoke about people’s physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energy and our need to concentrate on these things, as opposed to simply our time.

The second speaker was Richard, also giving a Stage 9 speech, and unlike Marlene, attempted to change the audience’s viewpoint on emigration and immigration.  Richard wanted the audience to show more compassion for immigrants into Ireland, especially given this country’s problem with emigration.

The final speech was given by Paul, a new member, and it was his Ice-Breaker.  The object of the Ice-Breaker is to speak before an audience for the first time and discover speaking skills not already known.  Paul’s Ice-Breaker was wonderful, showing speaking skills well in advance of what is expected for an Ice-Breaker.  He gave a short overview of his life, primarily his interest in sport and the journeys he has taken around the world.

Following the final speech, we had our debate, a feature unique to Hellfire among Toastmasters clubs in the area.  The motion was ”that performance enhancing drugs should be allowed in professional sport”, proposed by Barry and opposed by Richard.  Barry argued that if these drugs are allowed they could be made even better by chemists and athletes bigger and stronger.  He also spoke about the thrill of sport and how this would make sport better.  Richard, in opposition, argued about the potentially fatal side-effects of these drugs and how it maintains the idea of winning at all costs.  After contributions from the floor and summations by both debaters, a vote was taken and Richard declared the winner.

Following a short tea break and chat, the meeting resumed with a Topics session, ably convened by Jim.  Topics included favourite seasons, favourite days of the week, favourite Irish tradition, whether money is a good or a bad thing, what country a person would visit among many others.

Next up was the speech evaluations, which are great because it gives the speaker a chance to work on certain things and it means the evaluator has to listen carefully to the speech with a critical ear.  Niamh was first up, evaluating Marlene, mentioned the excellent and complementary topic chosen for the speech and the delivery was very good.  Aileen evaluated Richard and thought the speech was very well delivered.  Finally Noel evaluated Paul and spoke about how Paul was a very competent speaker already with good structure and a good topic.  The only suggestions for all the speakers were to time the speech a bit better, slow down a little and repeat the main points of the speech during the speech.

Finally we had our general evaluator, Rose, who was full of praise for the speakers but thought some people could have spoken louder, as it was hard for some people to hear what was said.  But overall, she was happy with the night given the problems associated with the match in the Aviva.

Contributor                                                        Paul

Evaluator                                                           Niamh

Topics                                                                Kayleigh

Newspapers are a thing of the past and other stories of the night.

Are Newspapers a Thing of the Past

The Great Debate: Are Newspapers Past It?

Another great Hellfire Toastmasters meeting took place last night in the D4 Hotel Ballsbridge. Led by Barry, the clubs lead toastmaster, the meeting got off to a prompt start, and first up to the podium was Zanya with a speech from the Humorously Speaking advanced manual. Her chosen topic – slow dances at the age of 15 – was right on target. From running her fingers through her partners mullet to that awkward moment when you realise you don’t know your “dance” partners name, the speech certainly raised many laughs and as Sinead the evaluator noted, brought back one or two memories for the audience.

There was then a total change of pace for the second speech, a stage four speech by Aenghus on “Restorative Justice”, though perhaps the young gentleman whose advances Zanya recalled rudely rejecting might disagree. As Mandy noted during her evaluation, Aenghus explained succinctly but clearly in his speech how restorative justice focuses on bringing the victim, the offender and the community together.

The third and final speech of the night was by our new member Kayleigh, who gave her first speech, “The Ice Breaker”. I didn’t believe it, or maybe I just didn’t understand it when I first joined, but Ice Breakers are always one of the highlights of a toastmastering evening. We all get to know each other through the course of many meetings, and entertaining as everyone is, there’s nothing like the prospect of a fresh voice with fresh stories to share to liven things up. Kayleigh’s speech was excellent, well structured with interesting angles and delivered with confidence. The first of many speeches we hope!

Next up was of course the debate:

Are Newspapers A Thing of The Past?

Proposing was Niamh, opposing was Cian, the arguments were logical and forceful and they attracted excellent comments from the floor. For the proposition the rise of the internet and its ability to meet the needs of readers, combined with the fall in credibility and content quality associated with the loss of income from advertising spelled the inevitable end of newspapers. For the opposition the internet and screens cannot compete with the physical experience of reading a newspaper or provide the trust, credibility and journalistic quality that a newspaper with a long standing reputation can give to its readers. The final vote was close, eight against, nine for and so the motion was carried and newspapers are a thing of the past.

The Toastmaster then kindly gave us ten minutes for tea break, where we could discuss the situation.

After the tea break, it was time for topics. Brian stepped in at the last minute as topicsmaster, but Richard, in bowing out had thoughtfully prepared a full list of topics for him, sparing him the work. It was time to challenge not only our regular members but our guests, returning members Ollie and Michael O’, Laura visiting for the second time, and one of our new members Michael B whose Ice Breaker we’re currently anticipating. From polygamy to our favourite subjects at school and a trip to Donegal, the topics attracted the usual diversity of answers both on topic and off. Then finally we came to the evaluations. Sinead, Mandy and John O’ did sterling work assessing the speeches, and Michael McD in a speech full of praise for the speakers, evaluator, debators and toastmaster rounded off the evening by awarding the trophies.

  • Speaker – Kayleigh
  • Evaluator – Mandy
  • Topics – Michael O’

And so another meeting of Hellfire Toastmasters ended, and we all went home . . .


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March Debate and Competition Programme

Debating Club

Just an everyday debate . . .



It’s a short programme again this month as the most important competition of the year – the International Speech Competition, takes up two of our meeting slots in March. The 12th March will be our own in club competition and the 26th will be round two in the Engineers venue on Clyde Road. Still though, the two debates in the works look to be nice and competitive:





Thanks to Richard and Cian for the motions.

We look forward to seeing you there.


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Hellfire Toastmasters Meeting, 12th February, 2013


The Pope heard there was debating at Hellfire Toastmasters so he resigned in disgust.
But do we really need a Competitions Authority?


Brian acted as our reserve President for the night once again, as Susan had to tend to visiting relatives, and the meeting commenced at 8pm.  He told us not to worry about the football match that was on or the fact that we were missing out on pancakes – which made us miss our pancakes even more!  He welcomed a couple of guests and showed all you women out there that men can in fact multi-task, as he is Treasurer and reminded us that he would happily accept our yearly membership.  Without further ado, he welcomed Ger to take over the meeting as Toastmaster for the night.

Ger opened by saying that February 12 is Darwin Day – he hoped the meeting would evolve – and Lincoln’s birthday – he hoped we would also be emancipated throughout the evening.  He asked Richard to act as Sargent-At-Arms and all phones were immediately silenced and the exits noted.  Ger then asked Richard to explain the timing for each speech in his role as timer for the night, and this successfully completed.  Ladies, if this doesn’t show you that men can multi-task, then I don’t know what will!

Ger quickly moved the meeting along and welcomed Michael to give his Ice-Breaker.  An Ice-Breaker is a Toastmaster’s first speech, and it gives the speaker a chance to introduce aspects about him or herself.  Michael’s is clearly a proud Dublin man, and this was reinforced by his description of his brother marrying a Kildare woman as being sinful.  He has worked in various jobs throughout his life, and he involved in both Dublin GAA and religion.  He is also a published poet and short-story author, and hopes to write a novel in the near future.

The second speaker was John H, a member of the club who has returned this year, having been a member a number of years ago.  He was giving a returning Ice-Breaker, re-introducing himself to the club and to new members.  He spoke about his childhood in Dun Laoghaire and the trips west to Mayo, his parents’ home.  He works in coaching high-performance athletes, and holds the Irish record for the fastest 1,500m at Masters Level.

The third speech was given by Nuala, who was on Stage 5 of the Manual.  She spoke about the rather intriguing Richard Buckmaster-Fuller.  He was irritated by the level of resource consumption and tried to build houses and cars that didn’t consume as many resources.  He recorded his life every fifteen minutes as a case-study to show people what one person can do.  As Keith said in his general evaluation, these nuggets of information are great side-effects of Toastmasters, as our interest can be spiked into something we never knew existed.

The debate for the night follows the speeches, and this night the motion was “There should be no competition authority in Europe”.  It was a tough one to propose, but Zanya told us that politicians, lawyers or bureaucrats had no place to decide the best market practice for each company.  Furthermore complex laws can confuse businesses about the legality of their company and the burden for market dominance was only 39.7%, far less than a 100% dominance many people would claim to be the case.

John O’ happily opposed the motion, and told us about the reasons why competition authorities are even in existence.  The authority prevents cartels and market dominance, consumers are getting the best for their money and it ensures that governments cannot give an unfair advantage to one company.  Finally he reminded us that competition is good, citing the example of the mobile phone market in Ireland.

The motion was thrown open to the floor for contributions and the speakers were given a chance to summate their arguments, a vote was taken and the motion was soundly defeated, although Zanya was in a tough position.  Ger announced a fifteen minute break for tea and talk, and that is what we did.

We sat back down for the Topics part of the evening; with Martin in the hot seat to terrorise challenge us all with some topical topics.  And boy did he have some newsworthy topics.  There was the pope, the horses, Brian O’Driscoll, the Anlgo-Irish deal, Lent, the Magdalene Laundries and of course St Valentine himself.  Everybody that wasn’t down to speak got a chance to speak, and many who had already given a speech answered a topic also.

The evaluators were up next, with Mandy evaluating Michael, Elizabeth evaluating John H and John G evaluating Nuala.  All evaluators were in high praise of each speaker, with very few suggestions that could have been made.  Michael was told to slow down, but we all need to do that.  John H and Nuala were told to speak a little louder and to project their voices a bit more.

It was left up to Keith to be General Evaluator for the night, his first time in that position.  He complimented everybody on a very good night, which we all agreed with, and praised everybody that had a position on the night.  His only suggestion for the Toastmaster was to link the speeches as he invited the next speaker to the podium.

Best Contributor – Michael

Best Evaluator – Mandy

Best Topic – Michael

Congratulations to Michael on what is probably an unprecedented achievement, and certainly an unprecedented achievement for a new member giving an Ice-Breaker.

Ger handed the meeting back to Brian who closed the meeting, reminding everybody about the Tall Tales District Final next week, and we wish Keith and Martin the best of luck representing the club.

Until next week…

Tall Tale Competition – 5th February 2013

Toastmasters Dublin Tall Tales Competition at Hellfire Toastmasters

A Tall Tale of A Different Sort

A short entry this week, for a short, but excellent meeting.

Last night was the first Tall Tales Competition in quite a while at Dublin’s favourite Toastmasters club, Hellfire. There were six excellent entries and the competition was fierce.

First up was Keith, who told a rousing story of the discombobulation of an Irish ambassador in Turkey. Working in a voicemail message, a few words of Kurdish and a cúpla focail as Gaeilge, the tale went down a treat with the audience and more importantly the judges. Susan then went on to tell the story of the most excellent adventure of a pair of shoes down in Cork. Aengus took the night down a slightly more risque path, with a story involving showers, towels, alcohol and handcuffs. I don’t want to get him in trouble with his parents, so I’ll say no more. Richard’s tale was perhaps the most thoroughly unbelievable of the night, if only because (in my opinion) the Leaving Cert student at the centre of it got far more of something approaching work done, then any student I’ve ever witnessed.

The consensus at the tea break was that the speech Martin gave was the best he has ever given, which is all the more impressive for such a long standing member of the club. Martin’s story centred on the most obnoxious news stories of the last few weeks, and a particular distaste for the machinations of the Health and Safety experts was probably it’s central theme. The evening finished with John O’D, who decided to go the horror movie route, with a tale of wolves on the ski-slopes of Austria.

All in all, it was a most entertaining set of stories, and one that challenged the judges, led by the ever willing and able Cecil from AIB Toastmasters, to choose a winner. The choice was made however and the results were:

  • 1st Place – Keith Stephens
  • 2nd Place – Martin Cowley
  • 3rd Place – Susan Pyne

The meeting concluded with a Topics Session run by Noel, with topics supplemented by his able assistant Barry. As usual from Noel, the topics were varied, interesting and just difficult enough to be interesting. The three guests – Paula, Liz and Mark, all produced excellent answers. Other stand out answers included Elizabeth who managed to work in a compliment to the topics master (always a good bet), Richard who took some time to decide whether he preferred beauty or intelligence and Rose who was very vocal on developers wives being forced to sell their wedding ring.

A special shout out to our (excellent as always) president Susan, the two timekeepers John and Elizabeth, the contest chair – Mandy, Cecil for co-ordinating the judging and the other judges who shall remain nameless!

After the meeting we adjourned to the pub to celebrate the victories and commiserate with the losers.

February Debate & Competition Programme

Debating Club

Just and everyday debate . . .

February is a short month, and in Toastmasters it’s shorter still.

We start the month with our tall tales competition, so instead of our usual program, six of our bravest speakers will be telling us their most outrageous stories in an effort to win glory for the club.

The final of that competition, which will include members of other local clubs – Power Talk, AIB and Engineers will take place in Hellfire, on the 19th February, which leaves us with two normal meetings and two debate topics for our members to get their teeth into.

They are

  • February 12th – There Should be No Competition Authority in Europe
  • February 26th – The Bully Has A Place in Society

To comfort ourselves on the 5th February and the 19th February, we may be forced to repair to a local pub.

The hardship!

Hellfire Toastmasters Meeting, 29th January, 2013

Debate Topic - Government Funding and the Arts

Should the government fund the arts?

With a special Toastmaster vote of appreciation, to this weeks reporter – Richard!


The meeting opened at 8pm sharp with our reserve President for the night, Brian, standing in for our usual general, Susan. He reminded everybody that the Tall Tales competition is taking place and following various pleas by our Vice President for Education (VPE) Bernard, a full schedule of speakers have been found. He also reminded people that the annual membership was due before the end of February and he wouldn’t be the least offended if people gave him money tonight. John Mc, our Sargent-at-Arms, reminded everybody to turn off their phones and pointed out the nearest exit in case of a fire.

Brian handed control of the meeting over to Jim, our Toastmaster for the night. He immediately introduced the first speaker of the night, Richard, to take the floor. Richard was giving a Stage 7 speech which forces the speaker to collect information from a variety of sources. Richard’s speech was entitled “A Dummy’s Guide to Doping” and explained how cyclists’ doped and why they doped. The second speech of the night was given by Sinéad, also a Stage 7 speech. Without having too much time to prepare, Sinéad spoke elegantly about super foods; the everyday healthy foods that we don’t expect can help to fight cholesterol amongst other things. She even had a hand out for everybody to take home.

The last speech of the night was given by Keith. He has quickly worked through the manual and this was a Stage 9 speech, a phenomenal achievement for somebody who only joined a little over a year ago. Keith had to use the power of persuasion in his speech and this he did. Entitled “Yes We Can”, Keith spoke about suicide in Ireland. He reminded us that the Irish people had challenged issues like road casualties and our attitude to drink-driving and that we could challenge suicide and succeed in the same manner. He ensured that the audience didn’t get too demoralised by adding appropriate humour to his speech.

Then came the debate and the motion was “The government should abolish all funding for the Arts”. Marlene proposed the motion and spoke about how the private sector will take the place of the government through patronage and that this money is being taken away from critical areas like education and health. Ger opposed by mentioning that art reflects our cultural heritage and that private companies can have an undue influence on which pieces of art get commissioned and chosen. Furthermore, he pointed out that the certainty of funding from the government gives the artist the freedom to be creative.

There were several contributions from the floor, with some people calling art silly and that it serves no purpose for the economy while others stated that the money given to the artist can trickle through the economy. After the debaters had the chance to summate their viewpoints a vote was taken with the motion being defeated.

Our break followed and everybody had a chance to chat to each other.

The meeting started up in earnest once again with everybody’s favourite* time of the evening, Topics. Noel, our Topicsmaster, had a chance to give everybody a topic given the low turnout on the night, and he started with those not on the roster for the night. Topics included parents smoking in front of their children, horsemeat in burgers, the new drink-driving laws in Kerry, people being able to arm themselves with more than a hurley and the presence of pets in the wedding photographs of Kerry footballer Kieran Donaghy.

Then came the evaluations of the speeches, and John Mc, recovering from his earlier appearance as Sargent-At-Arms, evaluated Richard’s speech, Niamh evaluated Sinéad’s speech and John O evaluated Keith’s speech. All were largely positive, with only a minimal number of recommendations for each speaker, including stance in relation to the podium, the use of jargon that everybody may not understand and the use of the hands.

Unfortunately we didn’t have an Em and Ah counter but our General Evaluator, Rose, stood up and gave her opinion for the night. She mentioned the couple of things that the Toastmaster could have done a little better and lamented the fact that we didn’t have an Em and Ah counter. She praised the speakers and the debaters, along with the Topicsmaster, and had some kind words for each of the evaluators, pointing out that John O was the only person who read out the objectives of the speech, and this is what earned him the Evaluator of the Night award. Finally she reminded everybody to fulfil their roles if they were on the roster for the night, as a few people couldn’t attend due to sickness, though in fairness to them, they did have the necessary replacements there.

Jim reminded people of the same thing as it makes the life of the Toastmaster very hard, before Brian closed the meeting and we all went home.

  • Speaker – Keith
  • Evaluator – John O
  • Topics – Kaleigh and Mike

Until next week…

*least favourite