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Hellfire Toastmasters

Three key pieces of equipment for meetings of Hellfire Toastmasters Club

Hellfire Toastmasters

Hellfire Toastmasters is today one of Ireland’s most vibrant public speaking clubs with a packed program every week and members regularly competing in both national and international competitions. At Hellfire we learn to:

  • Become a better public speaker
  • Be a better listener
  • Easily lead teams and conduct meetings
  • Give and receive constructive evaluations

Hellfire Toastmasters prides itself on being one of the oldest Toastmasters clubs in Europe and the friendliest club in Dublin. Based in Dublin, Ireland, Hellfire Toastmasters was founded in 1963 and inspired by both the legend of the nearby 18th Century Hellfire Club, as well as the nature of the first debates!

From the outset, Hellfire proved to be controversial by defying Toastmasters International and becoming the first Toastmasters club in Ireland to allow women entry, a task which was achieved by every member registering their first initial rather than their first name on the membership application forms. The earliest known meeting place was The Bankers’ Club, 93 St Stephen’s Green, Dublin. However, both the eighteenth century legend of the nearby Hellfire club combined with annual trips to it felicitously established the club’s name as Hellfire Toastmasters.

We meet every Tuesday, in the D4 Hotel Ballsbridge, at 8pm, and we’re looking forward to meeting you!

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