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How to Debate

If you’re interested in Debating regularly, Hellfire is the club for you. At Hellfire we have a debate every week. They’re a great opportunity to practice arguing a point, speaking off the cuff from the floor and from the podium, and to think about issues you never normally think about.

The four keys to the art of debating are:

  1. Passion: Nothing wins a debate like passionately believing in your side of the argument. Let that passion show through in your voice, in your stance and in your gestures.
  2. Preparation: Know your argument and almost as important, know what your opponent is likely to argue. Arm yourself with responses to answers and not only will your arguments hold together and be more convincing, knowing that you’re well prepared will give you the confidence to relax.
  3. Poise: Even if your opponent is right, they don’t have time to double check. Have the confidence to act like you’re right and you will win.
  4. Performance: Then bring it all together on the day!

The most important thing at Hellfire is to have fun, with the topic, with your opponent and with the audience. Take the opportunity to try out new techniques, speak quietly, loudly, in front of the podium, use an anecdote. Hellfire provides a safe space to practice and a safe space to fail, so that when you go out and argue in the real world, you’re fully prepared to succeed.