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Why Hellfire?

Hellfire Toastmasters Trophies

Why Hellfire?

Toastmasters is organised on a club basis, i.e. every member joins a club which is a part of the larger organisation. Every club has a slightly different flavour, all are good but depending on your personality and what you want from Toastmasters, some may be a better fit then others.

There are many reasons you should choose Hellfire as your Toastmasters club, some of these are:

  • We’re a great way to develop your public speaking and debating skills.
  • We have the best name.
  • We’re extremely friendly, ridiculously so, come to a meeting and you’ll see.
  • We’ve been around 50 years, and we have a lot of experience in our club.
  • We meet every week, which gives you more opportunities to speak.
  • We’re ten minutes walk from Merrion Square
  • Our membership is incredibly varied, which means you get perspectives across age ranges and professions.

On that last point, one of the big worries for people attending for the first time, is will I fit in? Our members range in age from early 20’s to late 70’s, possibly even a little further, but I’d be shot for saying that. There are a handful of students, people working in their first jobs, people who are unemployed, people right in the middle of their careers and people who are retired. People have jobs in healthcare, some in retail, a few in banks . . .Suffice is to say, please don’t worry about fitting in.

but let’s be honest, the main reason that people choose a Toastmasters club is because the time and place of the meeting suits them. So if 8pm in Ballsbridge on a Tuesday suits you, please come along!

If that doesn’t suit, all Toastmaster clubs are great, and Dublin has a wide range to choose from.

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New Members

At Toastmasters we learn by doing.

There is no better way to become a confident public speaker then to speak publicly regularly. The main benefit of Toastmasters is the self-confidence gained from the experience. This self-confidence tends spills over into different situations outside the realm of public speaking, because when you conquer the fear of standing up and speaking in public, you feel more confident in meeting other challenges in your work and social life.

Hellfire Toastmaster has a reputation as being the friendliest toastmasters club in Dublin, our meetings tend to be very sociable and friendly occasions, so it is a good place to meet people and have a bit of fun for a while.

In addition it is a good learning experience – not just in what you learn from your own speeches, but also from what is to be learned from others when they deliver their speeches.

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