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Competent Communicator

Toastmasters don’t do “Public Speaking for Beginners” courses, but if they did, the competent communicator manual would be it. Your first ten speeches at toastmasters are a series, and each speech has a different objective. The aim is to get you thinking about and comfortable with all aspects of public speaking.

The first ten speeches are:

  1. The Ice Breaker: A simple speech where all you have to do is introduce yourself.
  2. Organise your Speech: Give a speech with a simple structure.
  3. Get to the Point: Give a speech with a purpose.
  4. How to Say It: Choose your words and sentences carefully
  5. Your Body Speaks: Think about how you move during your speech.
  6. Vocal Variety: Vary your tone, pace, power and add pauses.
  7. Research Your Topic: Practice using sources to back up what you say.
  8. Get Comfortable With Visual Aids: Use flipcharts, props, powerpoint, whiteboards etc. to get your message across.
  9. Persuade with Power: Practice the art of motivation
  10. Inspire Your Audience: Use all your skills to date to deliver a powerful inspirational message.