The Competition is Hotting Up At Hellfire – Tall Tales Round Two

TallTales Competition Contestants

Anxious Contests are Briefed

Notes “As the Action Happens” are available on the clubs Twitter Account.

So, a second unusual night this month, round two, aka the finals, of the Toastmasters Tall Tales competition. With our own two competition winners – Keith and Martin, two fantastic speakers from engineers – Michael and Niamh, Adrian from ESB and Aileen from AIB it was guaranteed to be an entertaining night.

Barry as a most experienced contest chair, opened proceedings with a tale of his own. A fascinating account of top flight toastmasters competition* in Reno, with underhanded tactics and unparalleled feats of speech making. Having caught the audiences attention, he handed the floor over to the first speaker, Niamh for her account of that time herself and a few classmates took the cadaver they were working on for a few pints. Though drop dead gorgeous, Vicky turned out to be a not so hot date, a little frigid, a little rigid and a little too likely to skip out on her round. Next up was Aileen with a tale of a nefarious plot to acquire a kidney for her ailing friend. Third and fourth were our own competition winners from two weeks ago – Keith and Martin. Having had two weeks to improve and perfect their speeches they both brought the house down. Martin in particular had a little extra help from God, who conveniently arranged for the Pope to take early retirement, a tall tale if ever I heard one.

Michael’s tale of his misadventures with the wrong suitcase was up fifth. As always Michael’s speech was as polished to perfection as the silk underwear he was apparently wearing, and the dramatic climax involving an arrest in Brown Thomas had the audience on the edge of their seats. Last but not least was Adrian from ESB, who was once again chased by the police, down  Route 66 no less, his own personal highway to hell.

Because nothing would be right without some additional torture and tension, we then adjourned for a tea break, followed by a topics session ably (and bravely) hosted by one of our newest members Mike G. A sprinkling of topics and excellent responses followed before the tension was over and Cecil, acting as head judge, got up to announce the winners.

Complimenting each speaker in turn, the winners were announced –

  • Michael K from Engineers
  • Adrian H from ESB

A fantastic achievement for both, against what was incredibly stiff competition. A further prize was awarded to Jim for best topic response of the night, on the subject of his favourite pair of shoes, and after one or two more rounds of applause, the meeting was adjourned.

And so we all went home, the end.


*may in fact also be a tall tale

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