Toastmasters Meeting – 4th December

Our penultimate meeting of 2012, only the Christmas drinks to go!

And what a great meeting it was.

A wonderful sales presentation from Zanya, which included what was probably the quote of the night from Keith

Oh Nike make GAA shoes now do they?

Followed by a self-assured and confident stage two speech from Aengus on the perils of watching too much sport, a well researched and enlightening speech from John McD on beer and finally a speech from Bernard on the search for Alien life.

The debate, was as always, a highlight of the evening. Marlene proposed that “No animals or plants should be considered pests”, and Dennis had the tricky job of opposing. It was lively, with six contributions from the floor, but eventually the motion was defeated and we all adjourned for a tea break.

After tea, Martin our toastmaster introduced an innovation – the tall tale. Frank, a guest for the evening, left us hanging on the edge of a cliff shouting at God. After that Aileen peppered the audience with a range of topics, from the intensive media attention to the status of the Duchess of Cambridge’s uterus to social welfare reform.

Finally it was time for the concluding part of the evening, evaluations. Suffice is to say the usual range of praise and helpful advice was given and Mandy rounded off the evening with the awards which went to

  • Elizabeth – best evaluation
  • Zanya – best contribution
  • Sinead – best topic

and so ended another very funny, and very interesting toastmasters meeting.

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